Ship wrecked
One really sunny day there was two boys Kieran and Jamie. Kieran is 37 years old he works in the school called parashore primary school and he is the head teacher. He has short black spiky hair and ocean blue eyes and he was 6 ft 7.Jamie works at the shop at the end of the street that he lives in and he has short hair and it is blond and he has dark green eyes. And they are best friends they do nearly everything together. They also live together and they like doing each other’s hobby AND Jamie’s is football and he plays with his local pubs football team.Kierans is spending time with all his family and friends all the time. One day they both went on a trip on a boat and they got everything ready and off they went. They were travelling in the water and then they got blew away from a big storm on to an island that no one was on. They got washed got washed up on the shore and then and then they saw a really weird creature. It was a dodo bird and there were pigs and cows and some sheep so they built a new boat out of wood and before they did that they built something to live in for 2 weeks. Then in the second week they got up and went out the house and they saw a volcano and it looked like it was about to explode. So they got all the animals on the boat and headed back in the wrong direction but they didn’t realise that they were going in the wrong direction but they didn’t realise that they were going in the wrong direction. So they saw an island that they thought it was the Wright one but it wasn’t. They soon realised that. They came to the island with a shock they didn’t know if they had changed the island or they went in the wrong direction they had gone in the wrong direction. Then they got the Wright direction and they sailed off to their other island