One beautiful sunny day a boy called Connor went out to play with his friends and he was 11 years old.He had sea blue eyes and spikey black hair and his hobby was football.He went to his friends house the first friend was James he is 11.His other friend was called Ross he was 10 yers old.They went to the park to play football for a while.Then they went to Connors house and stayedfor dinner and over night.

The next day they went upstairs to play the xbox because they were sleeping on the couches.They played fifa 13 then pes 2013 and they are both football games.They all went downstairs to get breakfast and they had a roll on sausage and they loved them.Also they went to Jamses' house and they were watching tv and it was match of the day.Then Connor wached James and Ross play basketball.It was a really good game for Connor to wach.The score was a draw and it was 2:00pm then they had a race to the park becausehe is a really fast runner and he plays football.

chapter 2

5 years later they all got together and went to a forest to camp and they had a really big tent and they were trying to get twigs to make a fire to keep them hot.They woke up in the morning and walked through the forest and saw a shining bright light like a fire.They went up to it and saw a egg in the box so Connor picked it up and then it vibrated and he dropped it and a baby tyranosaurus-rex came out and it chased them through the forest and thats THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.