One day there was three boys going trick or treating and there names where Kyle Kieran and Connor two days earlier. Connor Kieran and Kyle out to play . They played a game of football and it was Kyle vs Connor and Kieran and they played all day and the score was 7 5 to Connor and Kieran.

They all stayed at Kierans for dinner and they had pizza and chips and they all said it was delicous and Kierans mum asked them if they wanted to stay over night and they sayed YES. And they stayed up all night playing minecraft and a zombie game and they completed the zombie game.

halloween is today said Kieran lets play basketball to get the day over so we can go trick or treating so they did they sow another three boys so they gave them a game of basketball.

they drew 9-9 and after that they got there halloween costumes and then met up in a park they went to 4 doors and then looked in there bags to see how mutch candy and they had lots they all went to another 12 doors and then they found a forest so they all went decided to go threw it and they made the rong moove and they herd noises in the trees so they looked in every tree and there was nothing so they started to walk forward and they all sow a really big house so they all decided to go in it and they sow a ghost and a zombie and the ghost loked all the doors and they where TRAPPED.